Project Intelligence

A Knowledge Repository capturing all of the critical data required to manage your end-to-end PPM processes

Executives need more than just reports, we provide visibility of the root causes of success and failure. Project Intelligence is unique in providing project insights on what we call ‘Objects’.  These are the key attributes that enable an ‘Intelligent’ PPM Platform.

Objects are surfable and configurable components, from which users can drill-down into selected data or open pop-up windows showing more information.  Our library of Objects include; Costs, Time, Resources, Tasks, Financials, Risks, Documents and much more… 

Other key benefits include:  

  • Configurable dashboards to show project data according to user role and can be viewed by schedules, resources, costs, group and other ‘objects’. 

  • Programs can be contextualized within portfolios and strategies, with summarization of the specific program-level data as well as data of the program’s constituent projects. 

  • Allows the user to safely and securely share the most significant information for one or more projects, re-enforcing communication between team members.  

  • Business users, customers and partners can easily run searches across different projects and track the execution of projects.  

  • Project lists can be sorted and filtered according to the user needs and contents of specific views.  

  • Excel based report with pivot table usage to grant users maximum flexibility and freedom in projects data reporting. 

  • Multiple portfolio scenario comparison.





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