Resource & Capacity Planning

Resources can be easily planned across project activities

Resource & Capacity Planning allows you to see resources that are available before they are assigned to the work.  It also takes into account availability for the full duration of the task, not just the start. The following set of powerful functions enable users to:


  • Assign resources by skill or by name 
  • Substitute resources according to their skills  

  • Quickly locate alternative resources in case of overload assignments. 

  • Resources can be assigned to collaboration items (e.g., risks) to help track unplanned work 

  • Resources can be pre-allocated to proposed projects as well as active ones, helping to identify shortfalls and overloads 

  • A Resource Breakdown Structure provides a hierarchical view, and to support filtering and selection, resources are assigned such attributes as skill, title, seniority or others. 

  • A resource replacement function helps to automatically identify and avoid overloads

Resource Visibility

You can view resource assignments any way that you want – as a group, at the individual level, by department, function, skill set, etc. 

Create multiple capacity scenarios and compare them to check workloads coming from the demand process and ongoing projects. 

With Resourcing capacity planning you have full functionality dedicated to making sure that your resource management is optimized

Every day, in every function, and on every project.





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