Posted by Gioacchino Gaudioso 20.11.19


Project Objects Major Version 10.2 Release Announcement: A Further Step to the Scalable, Agile Enterprise

Enhanced Features

  • New Homepage
  • Strategy Plan Module Enhancement
  • SCRUM Project Management

New Homepage

Project Objects has taken ‘configurability’ to new, unprecedented levels by introducing a new Homepage showing a configurable menu to meet the specific needs of the individual user with short links to other modules of the application.  A "quick new" button is also available to easily create new ‘objects’ within the application.  A preview of "Recommended" and "Watched" projects is also available, with short links and quick commands on them.

Finally, a list of "Recent" and "Watched" objects helps you to keep an eye on the main processes you are involved with. The Homepage vastly improves the user experience as the users can constantly monitor their day to day activities from a single point of access.

Strategy Plan Module Enhancement

Project Objects has enhanced the ability of its customers to manage and collaborate on their budget. This new feature allows the users responsible for creating the “master” budget to initiate a workflow aimed to gather input from other departments within their organizations and then validate the data they receive. The advantage of this functionality is to present a single version of the truth. You’ll get a living, evolving document that significantly improves the quality of the budget information you deliver throughout the year.

A new Strategy Breakdown Structure has been developed to define the structure of the Strategic Budget and to help users navigate the budget elements.

The introduction of an OKR (objectives and key results) framework that helps companies implement their strategy with key benchmarks that tie the strategy to execution allowing a faster time to react to market activities.

SCRUM Project Management

Building on our Wagile methodology integrating our agile ‘Boards’  which enables project team members to run their operations according to an agile methodology, we have enabled a new template in our “Boards” module supporting the SCRUM methodology (Sprint planning, Backlogs and Burndown charts).

Gioacchino Gaudioso, CEO at Project Objects who, along with the Product Management team, works closely with customers and buyers on product development plans, says: “Project Objects has an ambitious product roadmap of future software developments to enable us to achieve our vision of becoming the global PPM platform of choice. We thank our customers and partners for enabling us to sustain the pace of our technological enhancements and look forward to continuing to surpass expectations with future products.”

Availability: Project Object’s release 10.1 is available immediately for purchase and implementation, either as a cloud based or on-premise solution.