Posted by Gioacchino Gaudioso 20.11.17


New Product Features in ProjectObjects V9.0 Recognised by Gartner

  • Third Release in 12 months for PPM software
  • Developed in collaboration with existing customers using feedback on key features to enhance capabilities
  • Includes improved data analysis & reporting, plus full support for mobile working

Project Objects, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Project & Portfolio Intelligence Management, announced today the release of ProjectObjects Version 9.0. 

Developed working in close partnership with existing customers, the latest version of ProjectObjects offers many technical enhancements, which continue to improve the benefits available for corporate users - in particular those managing capital projects.  Analysis and reporting capabilities within ProjectObjects V9.0 have also been significantly enhanced, together with full support for mobile working, leading to the solution being recognised as ‘Visionary’ by Gartner in their most recent Magic Quadrant Report on PPM software suppliers.

What features are new in ProjectObjects V9.0?

Enhanced User Interface makes it easier to configure data, whilst improving performance. Improved and updated capabilities in Version 9.0 include the addition of a fully configurable data table and user interface, with a new and configurable data grid. The usability of ProjectObjects has been further enhanced through the adoption of a new database for managing data tables. In addition, V9 features a Budget Data Publishing Procedure and an Image Slider feature for the project home page. 

Advanced data reporting capabilities improving ‘intelligence’ and decision-making capabilities. New Multi-Project and Portfolio Performance Reporting features have significantly improved project status reporting functionality. The greater intelligence available enables users to drill down to the ‘object level’ from multiple perspectives and establish ‘root causes’ of issues, in order to obtain a complete picture of project health and iteratively improve performance.

New advanced functionality. Budget processes have been extended to support a Collaborative Budgeting Management system. This closes the loop between the strategic planning and execution phases of a project, giving users the flexibility to revise budgets whenever needed, using real time data to amend and reprioritise resource allocations. Further functional enhancements within ProjectObjects V9.0 include configurable programme forms, multicurrency support for data views, a fully configurable home page, multiple estimate creation, plus in depth risk and opportunity analysis.

Unique features for capital project management.  ProjectObjects has a proven track record supporting capital project management and Version 9.0 takes this a stage further. The new solution incorporates advanced cost management and analysis modules, plus progress tracking and a stage readiness view. When integrated with financial systems, ProjectObjects provides multicurrency and change management controls, plus the ability to investigate standard corporate cost breakdown structures. This allows users to review all the cost elements of a project and any corresponding baseline impacts, with the option to immediately implement alternative strategies. 

Mobile application features: In line with customer feedback and increased demand for remote working solutions, ProjectObject’s mobile capabilities have been significantly upgraded. This latest version offers new, fully integrated IOS and Android applications, plus dedicated applications for additional functionality. These include a Project Dashboard to improve executive level reporting and Team Space Collaboration. This latter feature streamlines the level of communication and collaboration possible between internal and external entities involved in project, with the ability to collaboratively report on project performance.

The launch of ProjectObjects V9.0 reaffirms our ongoing commitment to produce a major release every year and continue investing in product development. This demonstrates the value the Company places on simultaneously servicing existing customer needs, whilst at the same time responding to new market trends and innovations in PPM. 

Gioacchino Gaudioso, CEO at Project Objects who, along with the Product Management team, works closely with customers and buyers on product development plans, says: “Project Objects has an ambitious product roadmap of future software developments to enable us to achieve our vision of becoming the global PPM platform of choice. We thank our customers and partners for enabling us to sustain the pace of our technological enhancements and look forward to continuing to surpass expectations with future products.”

Availability: ProjectObject’s release 9.0 is available immediately for purchase and implementation, either as a cloud based or on-premise solution.