Posted by Gioacchino Gaudioso 20.05.16


Project Objects launches new Wagile solution to support Agile processes

  • Supports Agile & Waterfall project approaches
  • Enables precise project control with the agility of Kanban boards

Project Objects, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Project & Portfolio Intelligence Management, announced today the launch of Needful, its new, cloud based, Agile PPM solution. 

Needful is a user-friendly and easy to use Productivity Tool, designed to enable any team member to identify, assign and execute project related tasks in the most intuitive way possible. It offers the highest levels of flexibility for team work management, giving users the capability to simultaneously switch between Waterfall and Agile methodologies, depending on the precise requirements and completion stages reached within each project under management. 

Whereas the Waterfall approach provides high level control, precise estimation and linear project control, Agile runs at lower levels providing speed, reactiveness and rapid adaptation to unforeseen events. By combining ProjectObjects PPM with Needful, users can adopt a ‘Wagile’ PM approach for the best of each scenario, merging the linear discipline of Waterfall with the iterative flexibility of Agile. 

By supporting a full integration between planned and unplanned work information, Needful offers a simple way to manage work and teams with the aim to be informed of who does what, anytime, anywhere. It’s designed for use either with ProjectObjects software, or independently.

“Needful gives organisations the option of either a powerful, standalone agile PPM solution for team work management, or the ability to combine the best of Agile with Waterfall techniques, or ‘Wagile’, as suited to more complex projects,” says Gioacchino Gaudioso, CEO at Project Objects. “By working together with enterprise customers, we have ensured a seamless integration with ProjectObjects, so that tasks allocated within Needful can be monitored in context with wider project goals to provide a comprehensive view of overall work allocated against enterprise capacity.”

Amongst other key features, team members using Needful can very quickly track and capture to-do items using intuitive single or multiple Kanban Boards and To-Do Lists. Outstanding tasks can be assigned to resources and team members can collaborate more efficiently, sharing comments and notifications in real-time from any device.