Posted by Gioacchino Gaudioso 20.10.15


Further Product Enhancements Visible in ProjectObjects Version 8.2

  • Advanced Workplanner Module 
  • Multi-projects and hierachical departments capabilities 
  • Improved visual features and powerful new reporting capabilities
  • Full Jira integration for agile development management


Project Objects, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Enterprise Project & Portfolio Intelligence Management, announced today the release of ProjectObjects Version 8.2. 

Building on the enhancements already unveiled in Version 8 during March 2015, key new features added to ProjectObjects V8.2 include:


  • A brand new module enables resource managers to visually plan their team member’s work on a multi lanes workbench. The Workplanner module focuses on all assignments, whether they arise from project activities, actions or non productive initiatives. The purpose of this module is to simplify the way to solve over and/or under load situations with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Program and Project Managers now have the capability to see and manage multiple project schedules on the same Gantt Chart. Links between projects are also available.
  • Department Hierarchy Management gives users the option to allocate resources more intelligently, with the capability to associate resources to different departments and manage their availability according to a hierarchical departmental structure. 
  • Jira Integration whereby activities can be associated to Jira issues through a new integration between the two solutions, giving users the convenience of tracking agile projects and monitoring issues and progress from within Project Objects.

In addition, other new features enhancing Version 8.2 for users include Desktop Notifications to inform users about specific events and new dashboard widgets to improve insights on projects and resources.

A new and optional Threshold Management logic feature has been added to existing project performance indicators. This immediately signals whether a project has met or exceeded budget expectations, using an easy to follow traffic light alerting system. 

Further adding to the solution’s overall visual intuitiveness for users, images can now be associated with individual projects, Version 8.2 allows up to 5 images to be uploaded for each project. 

New reports available within Version 8.2 include Worklog and Cost Management, plus Multi-project and Milestone tracking.