Posted by Gioacchino Gaudioso 01.11.16


Aquafil Awards Project Objects a Contract for Project & Portfolio Management

Aquafil chooses ProjectObjects to cost-effectively manage projects and to improve project success rates.

Project Objects, a leading international provider of software, consultancy and best practice expertise for Enterprise Project & Portfolio Intelligence Management (PPM) announces that it has received a contract from Aquafil to deploy its PPM solution globally.

Aquafil was looking for a cost-effective way to manage their projects within a small team to provide visibility across the R&D group and to improve their project success rates.  The ability to share information on projects across their multiple offices in Italy, USA, Croatia, Germany , UK, China and Slovenia was also critical.

“Since implementing Project Objects, we have benefited from complete visibility and control of all of our projects.  What stood out for Aquafil the most was the broad range of functionality to manage our many different types of projects delivering improved time to market and much better collaboration across our R&D and Product Groups,” said Nicola Fogliata, Aquafil Group.

About Aquafil
Aquafil is the leading manufacturer of Nylon 6.  The production of filaments for textile floorings has been Aquafil’s core business since the company was founded. Today, the Group is the leading manufacturer in Europe and the second largest global player in the BCF sector.

Aquafil is also a leading supplier for carpet manufacturers operating in the following markets: contract (hotels, offices and public buildings), automotive (car mats and upholstery) and residential.

For 50 years, Aquafil has been one of the leading players, both in Italy and globally, in the production of Polyamide 6: a landmark in terms of quality and product innovation. Additionally, the Group is a leader in the research of new production models for sustainable development.