Agile Management

Waterfall & Agile (Wagile) in One Solution

Project Objects combines into one solution the capability to work both Waterfall and Agile at the same time. The Project Plan, with the typical Gantt chart approach, can be limited to the main phases & deliverables, where the Project Manager can manage all Planning & Control of the projects and portfolios.  

Operations and daily activities are captured in Kanban boards and ToDo lists: since tasks are linked to the main phases, any changes in status, progress, time and responsibility is then reported to the manager from the bottom up. 

Tasks on boards are visual, collaborative and simple to use.

Task details such as status, due date, delegation, work planned and work done can be easily moved back to the PPM.

The Agile approach has the advantage of using boards, lanes and Kanban cards to organize time work in a visual and collaborative way.

The main features include: 

  • Unique resource pool shared by projects and boards 

  • Project / Board association 

  • Activities / Lane association 

  • Visibility of tasks associated to the activities 

  • Data rolled-up from bottom (tasks) to the top (project header) 

  • Work planning and tracking 

  • Task dashboards and indicators

The Project Objects Board Philosophy 

  • A task identifies work. Use task to organize your work, define your ideas, remind you of something
  • Manage other users work and aggregate tasks together to achieve a common target
  • Simplify the way of working. Add your tasks on different boards. The board enables a visual approach, easy to use, and self-explaining
  • Display the same task on different boards. Create multiple views. Use different criteria to characterize your tasks 
  • Viewing tasks from different point of views helps to identify problems, issues or criticalities. See the same task on time board, status board, etc
  • Inform my team, my organization. Collaboration is enabled through shared visibility, comments, notification, reporting and dashboard KPIs

Wagile Management 

  • WAGILE is the combination of the Waterfall Approach and Agile Methodology
  • Project and Program Managers work on high-level project schedules by phases to estimate, budget, approve and plan cost and resources
  • Phases are further detailed in ToDo lists then dispatched to the delegated users
  • Work is performed and monitored on boards. Actuals and progress are then aggregated at phase level to enable the project control at the correct level
  • The Wagile approach combines the Gantt centric advantages with the flexibility, collaborative and visual approach of the Board and multiple ToDo lists





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