Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management or EPPM is so much more than simply managing project execution. EPPM is concerned with the achievement of an organization's goals and objectives through the execution of the projects and programs that make up the portfolio. EPPM is a strategic leadership function that forms a vital part of the executive skills within an organization. That means that the tools that support EPPM have to be enterprise wide strategic tools as well, and very few EPPM solutions can make that claim. Project Objects can.

Project Objects provides organizations with complete end to end portfolio support tools, not just for use in IT, but capable of supporting the largest EPMO. At the same time, the modular nature of the suite and our phased implementation model means that the newest project focused organizations can build ROI using Project Objects with the minimum of implementation and deployment.
Project Objects starts where all portfolios should start, with the capturing of ideas, the ability to collaborate on challenging and enhancing of those ideas, the classification of them as project candidates and the inclusion in the planning and approval process that will ultimately result in the selection of the portfolio elements.
Project Objects supports that process with the ability to compare different portfolio models and conduct what if analysis using a number of different criteria. Project Objects allows you to project resource utilization rates, calculate skills and resource shortfalls, and factor all of these elements into the projected ROI before ever you have committed to the portfolio.
Of course when it comes time to execute on the approved initiatives Project Objects is by your side, providing your project managers and their teams with tools to collaborate, manage resources, control costs, track and report progress, etc. It provides project portfolio management with the ability to roll up that reporting and drill down to the levels that you need, but it goes much further, allowing you to view the portfolio by any measure that you choose – department, project type, delivery period, vendor, customer, etc – if it's important to you then you can use Project Objects to help you understand and manage it. With this level of information available at your fingertips your keep / cancel and major readjustment decisions can be made with the confidence that you have the right information to make the right decisions.

Once the projects that make up your portfolio have delivered their functionality the portfolio needs to ensure that the expected benefits are achieved. Project Objects allows you to set goals and objectives for your portfolio and then measure performance against those targets. With the powerful reporting and analytics tools that form part of the product suite, in the event that there are variances from target you can analyse the actual performance and understand where the problems are and have the confidence that the corrective actions that you are taking are the right ones.

Project Objects is designed to be an organization wide portfolio support suite that goes way beyond traditional EPPM software and, regardless of your company size or portfolio complexity, puts the business first – just as it should be.


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