Professional Services Automation

For professional services firms the image that you portray to your customer is everything. Companies recognize this and will invest a lot of money in good customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help them manage the relationship with their customers and improve their chances of making a sale. However, winning the deal is only the first step, you then need to delight the customer by meeting and exceeding their expectations and ensuring that they become a champion of your capabilities – that leads to a better relationship and future business (at a lower cost than having to acquire a new customer).

Yet for many professional services firms they have no tools to help them manage an implementation software project management. Instead of professional services automation (PSA) tools they try to manage complex projects with office productivity tools. Not only does that send the wrong message to customers, it increases the risks associated with the project and reduces the chances of success – the exact situation that needs to be avoided.

Project Objects provides a comprehensive solution for customers in need of PSA. Of course it provides the software project management functionality that these firms need in order to effectively manage the tasks involved with a customer project, and the reporting modules allow for custom reports to be provided to customers that show them the information that they want to see, laid out in the way that they want to see it, and on the frequency that they demand. However, that's only the start of what Project Objects offers in terms of PSA.
Project Objects integrates with major CRM tools to allow for the project to be created straight from CRM. Not only does this eliminate the need for much of the setup work it reduces the possibility for mistakes to be made in structuring the project and ensures that all of the relevant information is captured. Project Objects also provides deep resource planning functionality to allow you to determine the resources that are available for assignment to the project, and to ensure that there is no need to switch resources part way through.
During the project the Project Objects suite offers functionality to allow resources to seamless capture information and track work against a specific project, ensuring that the company is able to accurately track the effort for each initiative. This is not only key to understanding the profitability of each project it also allows for customer billing, a task that becomes effortless through integration between Project Objects and downstream accounting and / or ERP systems.

Once the project is complete Project Objects can provide powerful analytical tools to allow you to understand how well all aspects (schedule, financial, resource utilization, risks, issues, etc, etc) of the project were executed and to identify opportunities for improvement.

With Project Objects to help, professional services firms will not only be able to better manage their client projects, they'll be able to demonstrate to those clients just how well the projects are being executes, and that level of transparency and openness can only strengthen the relationship and increase the chances for future business.


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