New Product Development

When you are developing new products you need multiple different elements to come together at the same time. You need to have feature rich functionality that will attract people away from your competitors, you need performance and quality that will allow potential customers to trust and believe in your product, and you need to deliver everything in a time frame that will give you an advantage in the marketplace. None of that can happen with strong project execution processes that will help to ensure that the right things are delivered in the right way at the right time and to the right standard.

New product development starts with making sure that the right ideas become the right proposals and business cases, that those become the approved projects and that the product grows and evolves from that foundation. Project Objects supports that nurturing of ideas with PPM tools to capture ideas and share them with others in the organization for peer review and group enhancement. That allows them to evolve into proposals that can be reviewed and modeled as part of a proposed portfolio within Project Objects as part of the review and approval process. Once approved Project Objects, once more steps up and assists with the resource allocation and ensures that the product development project PPM tools gets the best possible start in life.

Once the project is initiated the hard work starts. Too many product launches suffer from countless delays, reduced functionality, lowered standards and ultimately a disappointed customer base. More significantly that leads to a damaged reputation that can take years to recover from. It's therefore vital to ensure that there are regular checks throughout the development process to allow for validation of progress and correction of any deviations and variances.
This is where Project Objects excels through its Phase and Gate functionality. Project Objects makes it very easy to set up phases – phases of work on the project and gates – review checkpoints to formally approve the work completed to that point. Project Objects allows for completely custom development of work within each phase and of criteria for approval within each gate process, thereby allowing you to manage the product development the way that makes the most sense to your organization with zero compromise.
The use of defined milestones, deliverables and timelines for each phase makes progress reporting at the gate as simple as pressing a button and frees resources to focus on the qualitative measures that require their skills and experience and where they can add the most value to the process. Additionally, the use of predefined gates, clearly visible within Project Objects helps the organization to validate the right things at the right time and minimize the costs of corrective actions.

Of course Project Objects doesn't stop supporting your business when the product is complete. It continues to work, assisting you in the benefits realization that helps validate that the expected contribution from the new product is actually occurring and identifying any areas where adjustments may be necessary. Once you have Project Objects assisting you with your new product development PPM tools initiatives you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.


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