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Today IT is a shared services function that provides expert services to its customers in the organization. However, the CIO does not have a captive customer; he or she is competing with any number of external organizations who are telling the business stakeholders that they can provide the same functions more cost effectively with better service levels and less risk.

The CIO is running a business, and needs to make sure that business is as effective and efficient as possible. That starts with understanding the systems and applications that IT is responsible for in measurable, objective ways:

    How much does it cost to manage applications – resources assigned, actions and issues created and time spent on them
    How is the IT budget being spent – operations, projects, issue management, etc as well as product by product
    What is the average resolution time for problems – by type, by product, by resource, etc
    Where are most requests coming from, and what are they for – the business units, the applications, etc
    How are we performing against SLAs - by application, by function, etc
    What are the resource utilization rates – by job function, at different times of the month / year, by application, by department, etc

If your PPM tool can’t provide this level of information then how exactly is it helping you?

Project Objects' IT Governance Software can help you understand all of this and can report on it in ways that make sense to you, allowing you to see summaries of what’s happening and then drill down to the level of detail that you need.
Once you have this level of understanding then you have a picture of where you should be focusing your IT investment – which applications are likely to deliver a return on any investment, which applications are ready for retirement or replacement, and which ones are best left to tick along.
You will also have a picture of the available resources for projects – numbers and skills, and can use Project Objects to model different options for the structure of your portfolio. Of course you are also able to adjust available resources based on the commitments that are required to already approved business projects with IT work elements.

Once you are ready to make your investment decisions Project Objects is there again to identify capacity issues and give you proactive information about skills development and or resourcing that will need to occur. It will also flag those resources who are over allocated, and where some people may have excess capacity – and it will help you to level those resources.

Project Objects will be there to help you track progress on all of those initiatives, it will provide you with a phase and gate framework to ensure that all of the process, audit, quality, etc reviews and approvals are in place, and it will help you demonstrate to the business the ROI generated by your decisions.

With Project Objects by their side a CIO has a significant advantage and can deliver superior performance consistently in all elements of IT – projects and operations, financial and service levels.


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