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Making a decision to implement an enterprise wide tool is a big step. Not only are you investing in the software, you are also committing to streamlining internal processes to match the way that the tool is designed to operate, and you may also need to commit to cultural change in the organization – enhancing project execution approaches in order to fully leverage the opportunities presented by the PPM Solution tool.
If you are going to make this level of commitment then you need to be confident that the changes that you make, combined with the tool that you deploy are able to support your business as effectively as possible.
Project Objects understands that which is why we have developed a suite that allows you to choose how you want to roll it out both from a technology infrastructure standpoint and an application module standpoint. Of course our product experts are by your side to assist you with the deployment, but it always remains your decision.

Additionally, our solution is not simply about better project execution. Project Objects improves your IT governance, it assists with new product development, it supports professional services projects, offers superior functionality for complex industries, and of course helps you to deliver exceptional project portfolio management.

Best of all, Project Objects grown and evolves with you as your organizational project execution capability grows and develops.

Project Objects and you – a partnership for exceptional success.

IT Governance

Today IT is a shared services function that provides expert services to its customers in the organization. However, the CIO does not have a captive customer; he or she is competing with any number of external organizations who are telling the business stakeholders that they can provide the same functions more cost effectively with better service levels and less risk.

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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management or PPM is so much more than simply managing project execution. PPM is concerned with the achievement of an organization's goals and objectives through the execution of the projects and programs that make up the portfolio. PPM is a strategic leadership function that forms a vital part of the executive skills within an organization. That means that the tools that support PPM have to be enterprise wide strategic tools as well, and very few PPM solutions can make that claim. Project Objects can.

New Product Development

When you are developing new products you need multiple different elements to come together at the same time. You need to have feature rich functionality that will attract people away from your competitors, you need performance and quality that will allow potential customers to trust and believe in your product, and you need to deliver everything in a time frame that will give you an advantage in the marketplace. None of that can happen with strong project execution processes that will help to ensure that the right things are delivered in the right way at the right time and to the right standard.

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Professional Services Automation

For professional services firms the image that you portray to your customer is everything. Companies recognize this and will invest a lot of money in good customer relationship management (CRM) tools to help them manage the relationship with their customers and improve their chances of making a sale.

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Capital Investment Projects

The Oil & Gas and Engineering & Constructions sectors have a number of unique challenges that most organizations will not experience. The level of complexity on projects in these sectors is tremendous, often with hundreds of vendors and subcontractors being engaged on a program. All of these vendors need to be managed, and work tracked from vendors across multiple concurrent initiatives.

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