Portfolio Management

Portfolio Managers have a vital role to play. The organization depends on the successful execution of the portfolio to ensure that it is able to achieve its corporate goals, and they are responsible for that execution. Thay have many different projects and programs underway at the same time and are reliant on a group of project managers with varied skill and experience levels. Even before the portfolio is approved theyu need to be able to support the executive with accurate and detailed modeling that allows them to compare different combinations of initiatives based on a number of different variables.
They need to be able to access the current status of every initiative and the entire portfolio in real time, and they need to be able to trust the information that they are getting because it will drive their decisions. They also need to be able to rebalance the portfolio when major changes occur that require them to adapt decisively with the confidence that their decisions will help to ensure the portfolio remains on track.

ProjectObjects offers that and much more. Conduct rapid modeling and what if analysis, instantly see information on the status of the portfolio or any initiative within it, make changes and have ProjectObjects assist with rebalancing of schedules and resource assignments. Monitor risks and issues – and the time spent addressing them, view resource utilization rates and identify upcoming resource bottlenecks.

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