Phase and Gate

The phase and gate concept is popular in product development for a very simple reason – it works. A well implemented phase and gate process can reduce development costs, speed the time to market and lead to a better, more successful process. However, the key is to ensure that the process is implemented properly, and that means finding a phase and gate approach that works for each of your unique needs. A PPM solution that forces all product development projects to use the same phase and gate approach simply doesn’t work well, it forces compromises and sacrifices the right way of doing things for the pre-defined way of doing things.

Project Objects works on the principle that you need a common phase and gate framework that allows for tailoring within individual initiatives. This gives you the advantage of repeatable, well established process while still allowing you the flexibility that you need for the unique demands of each project.

The user friendly interface presents your pre-configured phase and gate process graphically and allows your project managers to define the elements that make up each phase and each gate for every initiative. The simple creation of deliverables and outputs of each phase and the conditions and approvals required to pass through each gate are not only easy to set up, they are easy to review and in built reporting makes it easy to see the progress made against each set of targets at a glance. Of course you still have access to the powerful analysis tools that are the cornerstone of Project Object’s ease of management.


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