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To be successful project team members need to be able to spend as much time as possible focused on the tasks that they have to perform in order to make the project successful. To achieve this, they need to know what they are scheduled to work on, when tasks need to be completed, where their tasks fit relative to others, and above all, they need tools that will help and support them by allowing communication and collaboration – working together on actions and documents, acting as a team to resolve issues, reviewing changes and assessing risks.
Additionally, team members need to be able to communicate the progress that they are making to the project manager and other team members so that there is always accurate information about status, and they need to flag concerns in a way that will ensure that the potential issue can be reviewed and assessed in a timely manner without detracting from the work that the team member needs to be performing.
Project Objects provides team members just what they need. An easy to use, intuitive user interface that allows people to become productive in the shortest possible time. It offers seamless integration of communication and collaboration tools with project task tracking and reporting, thus allowing team members to work together effectively while still providing project management with the information that is needed to manage status. Work can be booked directly to the specific action or project task providing management the ability to see exactly what people are working on and how actual progress compares to plans.
All of this results in team members that are not only spending more time focused on their assigned work, but who have a tool that assists in making them more effective at completing that work. Project Objects also provides built in functionality for generating issues that will allow team members to communicate concerns without detracting from their work, and ensures that work on resolution can begin immediately. Project Objects is like having an additional team member working alongside your resources and helping them to succeed.

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