Project Management

The Project Manager is at the heart of everything that happens within the project – managing the people and tasks that make up the work, resolving issues, dealing with changes and controlling risks while ensuring that the project remains on track to deliver against all of its objectives. At the same time the PM has to report progress up the chain to the program and portfolio levels, ensure that stakeholders are kept informed on their own particular priorities and demonstrate compliance with all of the various project processes.

Project Objects is here to help. Our suite includes communication and collaboration tools that not only help to provide you with standard ways to communicate task information to your team members, but it allows them to quickly update the information providing you with timely information and freeing them up to focus on where they are adding value to the project – the completion of their assigned tasks. Project Objects can capture information on the amount of time and effort spent on issues, progress against budget, change requests, etc providing you with clear visibility into the impact of items on the scheduled work of the project.

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