Demand Management

Demand management is the foundation for successful PPM Software. Demand management gets your project portfolio off to the right start by providing functionality that allows for work to be initiated, reviewed, enhanced and ultimately submitted for approval.

Project Objects offers functionality that makes demand management extremely easy:

  • Easy creation of new work requests and ideas making the PPM software tool easy to access for all levels of users and thereby removing all barriers to capturing ideas from anywhere in the organization. If your tool is not accessible for all users then good ideas will be lost simply through an inability to interact with the technology.
  • Powerful, quick categorization capabilities. Items can be tagged in any number of different ways allowing for appropriate categorization, consolidation of related requests and the elimination of duplicate items.
  • Intuitive collaboration tools that allow for ideas to be shared and worked on across multiple people, offices, locations, etc. This helps to break down the organizational and physical barriers that can easily prevent good ideas from being considered simply through a lack of visibility and refinement.
  • Logical development. Additional work elements can be tied to ideas allowing a simple submission to evolve through analysis, business casing and benefits assessment with all of the work still being tied to the original submission.

All of this can feed the process of assessment and review and allows for all work requests to be reviewed on a level playing field with projects being compared with one another and go / no go decisions ultimately being made based on accurate, comprehensive, timely information that can be relied upon.


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