Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting

A portfolio is a complex mix of projects and programs that are separate but still impact on one another. It’s therefore important to be able to report on the overall portfolio situation while still being able to drill down to a specific initiative or even just one part of an initiative to understand what is driving overall project, program and portfolio status. That requires a strong relationship between all of the portfolio elements, and that’s where Project Objects’ dashboards, analytics and reporting functionality comes in.

All reporting is based on the concept of being able to view information at the level that you choose. That means that you can move from a summary to a detailed view and back again with just a few simple clicks – drilling down to the level of detail required to understand what is happening. At any level of the analysis you can define targets that actual performance is measured against, making the question of red yellow or greed status one of comparison against pre-defined criteria, not an interpreted status from the project manager.

Grouping and filtering of all data can be done based on pre-defined criteria and on custom criteria that you define – either for the overall project (department, project type) or for one aspect (projects over budget, projects ahead of schedule). The key is always to minimize the time and effort needed to get to the level of data that you want to see – thereby maximizing the time spent actually analyzing the data and determining the adjustments and corrections that are necessary.

ProjectObjects offers a completely self-configurable HomePage, where users can define the contents they want to see according to their role and needs.  From a huge list of widgets, users can choose the contents they want to keep a watchful eye on within the home page, that becomes a real definible multi-tab dashboard. Widgets are sufable and customizable components, from which users can drill-down into data or open pop-up windows showing more information: they are a very useful starting point to perform deeper analysis, but also to quickly modify data if needed. Users can define as many dashboards they want and each of them will be shown in a different tab. This is a simple way for the users to organize views and their job according to their habits.


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