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Project Objects' project management software offers a unique combination of features and functionality. At its heart is an incredibly powerful tool that can be a valuable ally in supporting your project execution activities. In this section you can learn how Project Objects helps to support all project management functions from the scheduling of work, to the assignment and management of resources and tracking of budgets.

Project Objects also allows your team members to maximize their productivity by helping them to track assigned actions, raise and manage issues, control risks and develop key project documentation. The suite provides powerful phase and gate functionality that allow you to review and approve work at multiple points in the project and provides reporting and dashboard functionality that allows you to monitor progress made against pre-defined criteria.

One of the recurring themes of Project Objects, and a true differentiator in the product is the ability to configure the tool to see the data that you want, in the way that you want to see it. This doesn’t require substantial customization or a complex deployment, it is a simple and quick to configure set of functions that allow you to define how you need to manage the portfolio, programs and projects within your organization. Project Objects' project management software provides you with the power to see your data the way that you want to see it, not the way that a software vendor tells you that you should want to see it.

All of this is combined with an incredibly intuitive user interface that can be learned in minutes and allows you to get to the data that you need with just a few clicks of a mouse. Project Objects recognizes that PPM users need a tool that allows them to become productive quickly and an interface that is never a barrier to them getting the information that they need. Whether you are an executive or a team member, that’s exactly what Project Objects delivers.

Demand Management

Demand management is the foundation for successful PPM. Demand management gets your project portfolio off to the right start by providing functionality that allows for work to be initiated, reviewed, enhanced and ultimately submitted for approval.
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Project Management

Project Management is the core of any PPM system. If your system doesn’t handle projects well then the tool can never live up to your expectations, consolidation, reporting and analysis of partial, inconsistent and out of date information doesn’t help you run your business.
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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is so much more than simply project management with bigger numbers. Portfolio management is concerned with ensuring that the organization achieves the goals and objectives that it has set through the successful execution of projects and programs.
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Team Space – Collaboration

Many PPM tools will offer collaboration tools – functionality that is designed to allow people to work together on a common goal regardless of where they are physically located, the hours they work, etc. Well implemented collaboration tools can provide the project with tremendous efficiency and effectiveness gains, but collaboration done badly will be a drag on performance that is tough to overcome.
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Phase and Gate

The phase and gate concept is popular in product development for a very simple reason – it works. A well implemented phase and gate process can reduce development costs, speed the time to market and lead to a better, more successful process. However, the key is to ensure that the process is implemented properly, and that means finding a phase and gate approach that works for each of your unique needs. A PPM solution that forces all product development projects to use the same phase and gate approach simply doesn’t work well, it forces compromises and sacrifices the right way of doing things for the pre-defined way of doing things.
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Dashboards, Analytics and Reporting

A portfolio is a complex mix of projects and programs that are separate but still impact on one another. It’s therefor important to be able to report on the overall portfolio situation while still being able to drill down to a specific initiative or even just one part of an initiative to understand what is driving overall project, program and portfolio status. That requires a strong relationship between all of the portfolio elements, and that’s where Project Objects’ dashboards, analytics and reporting functionality comes in.
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Strategic planning is a priority for every organization.  Just ask any executive and he or she will tell you that it is critical for their success that they develop a multi-year plan that will drive them forward, and that they then execute on that plan effectively and efficiently.  You would think, therefore, that if strategic planning is so important, organizations would be good at it.  However, that’s simply not the case.  Organizations are consistently failing to deliver on their strategies, falling short on the execution of the projects and programs that are designed to achieve the strategic objectives.

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