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Many PPM tools will offer collaboration tools – functionality that is designed to allow people to work together on a common goal regardless of where they are physically located, the hours they work, etc. Well implemented collaboration tools can provide the project with tremendous efficiency and effectiveness gains, but collaboration done badly will be a drag on performance that is tough to overcome.

ProjectObjects collaboration tools are based on the same basic tenets that make up the rest of the application – easy to use configuration based on parameters that are important to your organization, not the software developer, combined with powerful analytical and reporting tools. In addition, ProjectObjects collaboration functionality has an exceptionally intuitive user interface that virtually eliminates any learning period and allows resources to become productive almost immediately.

ProjectObjects Team Space supports a number of key project related functions.

Issue Management

Issues need to be identified, analyzed and resolved quickly and effectively. ProjectObjects' intuitive user interface means that an issue can easily be created, tied to a specific project, a phase of a project, a specific task or deliverable by the person who discovers the issue in the first place. Not only does this shorten the time between identification and the beginning of resolution, there is no need for interpretation or translation of the issue, resulting in a more accurate and complete assessment.

Issues can be assigned to individuals for investigation, tied to workflow, tracked and reported on. Of course the resolution can be captured so that the issue becomes a source of information for future projects. ProjectObjects allows the issue to be categorized in any number of different ways to allow for analysis that ties the issue to all affected areas, deliverables, departments or functions. The time and money spent resolving the issue can also be captured and reported as part of the overall schedule and budget allowing any variances to be tied specifically to the issue.

Action Tracking

Tracking actions in a timely manner are key to successful project management. The project manager needs to be able to see accurate, complete information on actions so that he or she can make the right decisions to ensure that the overall project stays on track. ProjectsObjects allows tasks to be assigned to individuals, given deadlines and review dates, have statuses and workflows associated with them – and of course it's all configurable to your exact needs.The solution offers audit trail functionality that captures all historic changes as well as the ability to track the amount of time, effort and money spent executing the action.

All of this can easily be reported on using any of the different reporting and analysis breakdowns that you determine are appropriate for your organization. For the project manager the intuitive user interface allows for review of actions by project phase, deliverables, resources or any other view that helps to understand what is happening on the project. This provides a comprehensive view of what is really happening on the project and that's the key to success.

Change Management

We all know how important change control is within a project, and ProjectObjects makes change control and management a simple and intuitive process without sacrificing any of the powerful functionality that you would expect. Change management workflow integrates with projects from the capturing of a request, through the analysis and impact assessment, to the decision making and documentation, and on to the incorporation of the change into the plan (if approved). Change management also ties in to other project management functionality so that the impact on schedule, budget, resource availability and other action items is understood – even if the change is ultimately rejected the cost of the analysis has still been incurred and needs to be tracked and reported on.

ProjectObject's powerful workflow functionality allows you to put control points into the process wherever you choose – avoiding expensive analysis of change requests that will never be approved and preventing costly delays on urgent changes that need to be incorporated. Changes can drive action items for your stakeholders to approve change requests, and can drive reporting workflow back to the person originating the request to keep them informed of status and progress. If you choose, you can also provide stakeholders and customers with access to change request functionality to ensure that changes enter the project execution process in the right way.

Document Management

Formal project documentation involves multiple people working together to develop the key artifacts – contributing their individual sections to the whole document, reviewing and updating the document and perfecting it to the point where it is ready for approval and / or publishing. Project documentation is vital to the success of the project as it provides the formal structure and decisions that will drive all activities.

ProjectObjects not only supports the collaboration aspects of that work through the Team Space, it also provides versioning tools to ensure that the current version is always being worked on and can capture 'official' versions of documents once published. In this way ProjecctObjects acts as a central project repository that is not only of tremendous benefit for each initiative, but also across the portfolio and as a database of previous initiatives that can assist in the execution of future projects.

PorjectObjects makes documentation visible to all stakeholders who need access, but also provides functionality to exclude users who don't need to see it. It also provides functionality for formal review and approval of documents within the tool.

Risk Management

Effective proactive risk management can help to ensure that a project always remains one step ahead of the challenges that it will inevitably face. To be effective risk management has to be comprehensive and accurate from identification, through analysis and on to management and control. ProjectObjects provides support throughout the process by providing easy collaboration among team members during the risk

identification activities. When analysis is required ProjectObjects provides common ways to categorize risks thus making the prioritization easier through standard metrics to use in comparisons, and also allows people to work together to complete an accurate analysis of the exposure to the risk and the most appropriate management techniques and actions.

ProjectObjects workflow supports the assignment of a risk to an owner and the establishment of a regular review schedule with updates to risk exposure and management activities. It also allows the owner to update the status and their actions as well as maintaining a historic record of actions and status. ProjectObjects also provides the ability to associate contingency plans with a risk as well as trigger events that determine when the risk has become real. As you would expect risks can be grouped and filtered in any way that the organization wishes allowing for powerful and easy to access analysis that will help to identify risk trends and support proactive action that will help keep the project on track.


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