Portfolio Management Features

View data any way you choose – by department, by project type, by sponsor, etc. Your executive will know that you are in control, your project teams will know that you are supporting them, and you will know that you have a tool that provides you with the information you need, when you need it and in a way that you can use it – and that increases your chances of delivering a successful portfolio. That’s still not everything – ProjectObjects contains powerful phase and gate functionality to add formal control processes to the portfolio and its constituent parts – conduct phase reviews with complete visibility to your stakeholders, demonstrated process compliance for internal and external compliance resources and the confidence that you need to ensure that initiatives are on track to deliver success.

Portfolio management software is so much more than simply project management with bigger numbers. Portfolio management is concerned with ensuring that the organization achieves the goals and objectives that it has set through the successful execution of projects and programs.

Your PPM tool needs to support this – a glorified roll up of project level information simply doesn’t cut it and Project Objects delivers in this category. Starting with the ability to generate and capture ideas, Project Objects builds portfolio management software into the fundamentals of the application. People can collaborate, enhancing ideas and allowing them to evolve into project candidates with supporting documentation and analysis. Those ideas can be categorized in any number of different ways based on templates to ensure that projects can be compared against standard criteria.
That makes complex portfolio modelling remarkably easy to use – allowing executives to analyse portfolio models against multiple variables with just a few clicks. Your analysis is not restricted to costs and resources, you can review portfolio models based on ROI, cash flow, resource utilization, payback periods, etc. If it’s important to you then you can structure Project Objects to analyse it – and you don’t need months of deployment and configuration to become productive.
Once your portfolio is determined and you move into execution mode then of course Project Objects offers portfolio level reporting, and allows for easy analysis by program and project, but it also allows for analysis in numerous other ways, restricted only by your needs to manage the business. The portfolio can be viewed by any combination of characteristics that you have defined, allowing you to understand what is really going on and not just what status reports are saying.
Additionally, Project Objects allows for the tracking of portfolio level issues and risks, allowing you to understand the challenges that the organization is facing (and overcoming) not just in executing projects, but also in achieving the organization’s goals – and that’s where it really matters. Project Objects also allows for easy monitoring and management of portfolio wide metrics – resource utilization, portfolio level cost and schedule variances, etc.

Once projects have successfully delivered, Project Objects portfolio management software functionality moves into the next phase – monitoring the actual benefits to ensure that the goals and objectives that ultimately define success are achieved. Again analysis of data can be done any way that you want, making it quicker and easier to drill down to the root cause of variances and take the right corrective action quickly, thereby minimizing the likelihood of a variance escalating to an unrecoverable situation.


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