How to buy

To deliver our ProjectObjects PPM solution, we need to know the following requirements:

Step 1 - Choose the best Deployment Model for you

What is the best deployment model for your organization? We offer the following options:

On-premises: Traditional on premise implementation allows an organization to leverage their own data center and equipment and deploy the suite internally, leveraging existing infrastructure and technology environments and provides large enterprises with a completely controlled implementation environment

Cloud: Our Cloud based hosting model allows for on demand, subscription based access that avoids all implementation and maintenance costs, minimizes the need for IT involvement and lowers the total cost of ownership to a point where any organization can afford powerful PPM. Read more about ProjectObjects Deployment Models

Step 2 - Choose your Number of Users and Type of Users
You next step is to define the type and the number of PPM users that will be using ProjectObjects (for example, Project Manager, Executives, Administrator and Resources).

Step 3 - Choose your PPM Enterprise Solution
Once you have this in mind the final hurdle is to discuss with one of our representatives what type of PPM Solution best fits your needs.
We use a Progressive Project Management Approach to help organizations implement their Enterprise Project Management system according to a “step by step” approach starting from the simplest management functions up to the most sophisticated and advanced project management methodologies. Speak to one of our Sales Representative


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